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Welcome to the UGI Energy Services, PennEast Pipeline, UGI Heating, Cooling and Plumbing and UGI Central Gas Control On-Line Company Store:

This on-line store allows you to order from our extensive collection of branded products using any of the available three logos and their specific logo code:

1. UGI Energy Services (GM)

2. Penn East Pipeline (PE)

3. UGI Heating Cooling Plumbing (UGH)

4.  UGI Central Gas Control (CGC)

Feel free to browse the site and try the on-line store.

You can place your order directly through the site and the order will be shipped where you decide.  Watch for "FREE FREIGHT" offers and take advantage of them.

The site also offers a GIFT CARD service if you would like to reward an employee or give a client the option to choose one of our branded items for themselves.

Feel free to e-mail our customer service team about questions relating to the UGI Energy Services On-Line Company Store:    


Thank you for visiting our on-line store.


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